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Our website is dedicated to Canadian pottery from Blue Mountain Pottery, CCC(Canadian Ceramic Craft), Huronia Pottery, Pine Pottery and Rainbow Pottery.

The Galleries are filled with photos of various pieces found in our personal collection or items we have bought & sold to expand our collection. All the pieces will be identified by mold number or commonly used name. We identify our pieces by the marks, shapes & glaze color application. Most pottery marks were used over a period of years with actual date times being approximate. We will be adding more photos and updating information on Blue Mountain Pottery, Huronia Pottery,Canadian Ceramic Craft (CCC), and Pine Pottery as it becomes available to us.

Where it began:

Blue Mountain Pottery - founder Jozo Weider
Canadian Ceramic Craft (CCC) - founder Dennis Tupy
Huronia Pottery - founder Tom Hrcek
Pine Pottery - founder Mike Jaroch

Blue Mountain Pottery can be associated with the 3 other potteries as all the founders originally started out at Blue Mountain Pottery. Dennis Tupy - First mold maker for Blue Mountain Pottery. Tom Hrcek - mold maker at Blue Mountain Pottery. Mike Jaroch - Sales Administration at Blue Mountain Pottery.

Blue Mountain Pottery Dog (14"), Large Tulip Vase(12") And Cat(14")

Send links to your personal website, e-commerce website, or your informational website to expand our links page. We would also like to invite you to send photos of your Blue Mountain, Huronia, Pine or CCC collection or your favorite pieces not found in our gallery pages. We will create a gallery for your collection with submitted photos. Photos submitted must be 800 X 600 pixels or larger, resizeable with no identifying wording across them, watermarks are acceptable. Clear crisp photos in jpeg format are best.

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Huronia Pottery BMP Gallery Pine Pottery Rainbow Ceramics(CCC) Unusual Molds & Glazes Comparisons Our Blog

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